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We all are invested to some degree with our health wether that be physical, emotional or cerebral. For those trying to keep up with their physical health, here’s a helpful series of rules that can reduce messy gyms, dirty lockers and invasive homophobic thoughts. Let’s stay body positive and embrace our physical human experience as…


For a one-time appointment, receive a combined tailored session and development plan for flat fee of $200.


Get weekly sessions that include cancellation rollovers, tailored sessions and unlimited plans and consultations for $100 a month.

03. quarterly

Get weekly sessions that include cancellation rollovers, tailored sessions and unlimited plans and consultations. Pay $300 for three months up front.


BODY BY BENIN focuses on holistic, diverse, equitable, inclusive and accessible modalities of self-improvement and finding the strategy that fits real people.

I offer an opportunity to be your best without big business driven concepts like proprietary diets, copyrighted methodologies and expensive status-obsessed merchandising gimmicks. The core ideas of BODY BY BENIN are to enrich others with the classic golden era ideas of self-improvement rooted in the joy of living and our natural blessings.

My goal is a you not driven by shame, self-doubt, cynicism, homophobia, dysmorphia, neurosis, anxiety or any other barriers unjustly normalized in the modern mainstream.

Our goal together is to develop a you that is unencumbered, unabridged, and unashamed. You should not only look good naked, but you should FEEL good naked!

Choose from a variety of my specialties gained through certification, academics and life experience in order to make your personal development as deep and enriching as you need.
Tailor one-time, weekly or ongoing sessions with the following options:
  • SELF-EFFICACY & CONFIDENCE BUILDING: including counseling and therapeutic strategy such as immersion, exposure, guided self-reflection and meditation.
  • CAREER PLANNING: For Resume Development and interview skills including quantifying performance metrics, business pitch, etc.
  • ACADEMIC PLANNING: For higher ed and research including APA citation, information management strategy, paper outline, hypothesis formulation, etc.
  • PERFORMANCE & CONDITIONING: Non-competitive fitness coaching for strength, flexibility, tension, bodywork, skin care and more.
  • LIBIDO COACHING: For sex positive attitude transformation, sex and gender counseling, endurance practices, erotic stimuli exploration, etc.
  • AESTHETICS COACHING: For non-competitive bodybuilding, go go dancing, modeling, cosplay, etc. through rehearsal, photo, video and content creation and critique.
  • NUTRITIONAL STRATEGY: For meal planning, preparation, international ingredients and diet monitoring using basic dietary principles and resources.

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