More than Five Years Mentoring

No one is perfect. But everyone has precious wisdom that can be taught and given freely.

Learning about myself is a lifelong process and always fluctuating and always changing. Especially as a cisgender African American male in a society full of scarcity, fluctuation and uncertainty, despair manifests anywhere. But thanks to a string community and a lot of gumption, I can recognize the value of my own lessons and they’re worth in being paid forward.

My story with San Diego State University’s Aztec Mentor Program actually starts quite young as an undergrad student when I worked at Career Services as an IT work-study. I was mentored by a diverse staff of reliable professionals at SDSU and gained and polished vital workforce skills like public interface, reception, computer maintenance, etc.

Mentorship tools

This Life Goals Planning Crosstable is a template helpful for outlining goals for a variety of futures including academic plans, semester/ quarter planning, public sector work, private sector work, and personal development goals. The psychological theory of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is the model for this tabulated free Excel file. Just download from the link below and use [alt+enter] to enter text data and begin planning!

Helpful web links (Coming Soon!)


2019 AMP Talk Event Fall 2019:
Global & Intercultural Fluency

This was a notable event for my own career on a large public stage with a lively reception. Public speaking is a craft I continue to perfect in balancing interesting content and engaging interaction.