Male Image

Myriad Masculinities, Myriad Talents.

“With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”

–Voltaire… and Spider-Man!

Modeling–often both over-glorified and undervalued–is an integral part of our human experience be it in testing applications of experiments in science and empirical observation; understanding light and texture on form in the arts; role modeling to help people master interactive processes; or in performing a role for an artist, photography, voice acting, stage, fashion or marketing. In any case, modeling epitomizes our mastery of gender and sexual performance of roles in masculine, feminine, neuter, dominant, submissive, etc. And within each of those performances exists a broad range of expression in color, style, attitude and nuance. And most of all–unlike many institutions may lead us to believe–each gender expression carries incredible and equal power both inherently and relationally.

Although most only acknowledge modeling in passing, an detailed science is behind it all. One of our brain’s largest regions, the occipital lope, functions like a video card to help us display a constant amount of visual information from which we are able to emulate, learn and synthesize into our lifelong adaptations. Although the popularly known “Modeling Industry” focuses especially on commercial marketing, the birthplace has scientific origins as old as the Renaissance. Old masters like DaVinci and Donatello initiated some of the first scientific observations studying dissection, anatomy, life drawing, mood and even gender and its effects in capturing and communicating to their audience.

Profoundly, mastery of modeling allows us to epitomize professionalism which can often encompass a variety of things. While we generally imagine vocations like education, psychology, law and politics at the heart o professionalism, modeling allows us to tap the power psychology of the most glorified fields of entertainment, spots, military, etc. Through building confidence and self-efficacy, we expand our capacity for vital skills such as customer service, initiative and well crafted intentional appearance to leave a lasting impression.

Gender Toxicity: Detoxifying Masculinity

The male image as any gendered image exists through art, drama and sexuality. However we are in an era in which cisgender traditions have culminated into crises in the public arena such as domestic violence, homophobia, misogyny and mass incidents of sexual terror such as groups like Incel. Through historically uninformed, pop culture driven imagery, manipulation by political ideology, and other mental health factors, gender expression for men has become increasingly narrow, confining and warped.

QABPROSERV holds the hypothesis that using art therapy such as photography, modeling and role play, men can be cognitively, psychiatrically, physically and sexually empowered and rehabilitated in the effect of reducing homophobia, sexist anti-female bias, sexual dysfunctions, body dysmorphia and general antisocial personality disorder related behaviors. Using conventional, boudoir, physique and Avant Garde film and photography to produce “process film and images” in which male clients can be guided by image counseling to transform themselves for surrogate viewers of their modeling work. This approach combines cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), appreciative inquiry and motivational interviewing to achieve holistic self-empowerment and realization of egalitarian sex and gender goals through the performance of visualizations.

This approach was presented for both the San Diego State University Sociology 2019 Praxis in Education Conference as well as at the 2019 Japan Black Studies Conference in Kyoto. This research underlies the approach to male imaging at QABPROSERV and the goal of helping men find pluralism is various degrees of their masculine expression in the ultimate goal of inclusive masculinity and detoxification of warped “man enough” ideologies.

Continued in main article:

Anger Management Training:

Old Patriarchy/ Toxic MasculinityNew Patriarchy/ Inclusive Masculinity
Male body negativity: Penis negativity, circumcision, ableism, fat shaming, fag-shaming, anti-fem, etc.
Oppression of women: Women as property, child marriage, infanticide, dowry exchanges and genital mutilation.
Male Expendability: High risk jobs, war collateral, short life planning, lack of choice/ freedom..
Antisocial tendencies: Communication aversion, low emotional intelligence
Class Status Nepotism: Hierarchical stratification along racial, religious, sexual, gender, wealth, etc. and the reinforcing the valuation of lives and cultures accordingly.
Male body positivity: Penis positivity, intactivism, interdependence, body diversity, sexual fluidity, gender negotiation, etc.
Liberation of women: Women as equals, adult marriage, communal child-rearing, egalitarian civil unions and all-sex intactivism
Male Valorization: Low risk jobs, peace negotiation, full life stage planning, right to lifestyle choice/ freedoms.
Collaborative relationships: Communication orientation, high emotional intelligence.
Egalitarian status distribution: Egalitarian stratification that overlaps racial, sexual, gender, wealth, etc. and reinforcing the valuation of lives and cultures evenly.

Boylesque Performer Marvin “Pho King” Garcia, QABPRODERV.COM 2020

In my own approach I provide a person-centered perspective from being a model with barriers–a dark African-American skin male, masculine demeanor, artistic experience, Pacific Rim heritage, etc. I also share some of my own very unique and verifiable scientific understandings from my studies in psychology, sociology, fitness, counseling and more. I also have a unique gender studies approach that highlights Men’s Studies, female-empowering-masculinity and activism. Because my first peer-aged role model is my older sister, I feel it is my duty to stand against the problematic issues of the industry: models who are underage; the imposition of male aesthetic standards upon women; glass ceilings for performers; and incomplete and exploitative business models.

IFBB Professional Bodybuilder Nick Bustos, QABPROSERV.COM, Spring 2018

While there is still much stigma towards the black male body, homophobia, etc. it can be a powerful journey of self-realization and empowerment. The first modeling baseline I took was for a classmate’s art school portfolio. Although he held a powerful exhibition, I was still working through body image issues. Showing the pictures to friends upon my return, I got a negative response and threw away the prints. However these were important steps in realizing my acceptance and rehabilitation of my own image. Growing up and being called “dark” for my skin tone, or “spider-boy” for my leanness was a scarring i was unaware of until I took the time to look. Often times we misinterpret “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” to mean that beauty is relative when in fact that larger meaning is that beauty exists in the ability to behold something–anything! And from that first modeling experience I was actually able to see myself for who and what I was and begin my journey of appreciation.

NFL Los Angels Chargers Linebacker (#48) Alvin Scioneaux Jr., QABPROSERV.COM 2018

As “non-standard” looking men in a place like Southern California, we often have less opportunities due to the obsession with the Nordic looking blonde hair and bronze skin models that are in high demand. Opportunities for Black, Asian and Latino models can be fewer. In fact often when we are noticed or scouted, we take offense. But its not because we are ugly, but instead a conditioning that we’ve been bombarded with through unnatural images and messages that we are “exotic”. But truth be told, the Nordic image of Southern California is unnatural, created historically through eugenic sterilization of minorities for decades and a steady talent stream into Hollywood and the upper echelon. So while it is an established fact that the Abercrombie & Fitch look is nice, QABPROSERV is dedicated to helping spotlight the entire gamut of masculinities aesthetics (masculinities)

Understanding Male Image Psychology

When we participate in photographing and being photographed we are also engaging in mirror-gazing, but in a positive and prolonged fashion. Artistic figure modeling allows us to understand the plastic nature of our bodies and how we have enough power over our aesthetic to affect all the formal artistic principles such as negative and positive space, symmetry, radial balance, color theory, mood, etc. In the nude we find liberty and separation from both our form and sexuality. We find out which parts of our bodies imbue us with strength or which parts imbue us with vulnerability. And like any practice in Mindfulness, photography freezes that moment in time so that we can meditate upon it and seek enlightenment. It allows us to realize that we have no “flaws” but instead just rich, meaningful detail which we can accentuate as loudly or as quietly as we’d like. Scholars Phillips et. al. & Veal supports an approach for CBT that creates a healthy ethic when we mirror-gaze composed of several points:

  1. ) “Use mirrors at a slight distance and use ones that are large enough to show most of the body”;
  2. ) “Focus attention on the reflection in the mirror rather than on how you feel”;
  3. ) “Use a mirror only for an agreed function (e.g. shaving, putting on make-up) and for a limited period of time”;
  4. ) “Use a variety of different mirrors and lights rather than sticking to the one you ‘trust’ “;
  5. ) “Focus attention on the whole of your face rather than on selected areas”;
  6. ) “Do not use mirrors that magnify”;
  7. ) “Do not use ambiguous reflections (e.g. windows, the backs of compact disks or cutlery)”;
  8. ) “Do not to use a mirror when you feel depressed: try to delay essential use until you feel happier or find other things to do until the urge to mirror-gaze has passed” (Veal 2001, p 131).

Veal essentially outlines an approach on how to look at ourselves aesthetically. Just as in art appreciation, even with ourselves, there is a formal and trained way to look. Not just an intuitive “good picture” or a narcissi tic, isolated selfie.

Top self-image principles are:

Achieve absolute confidence

Feel relaxed and great naked

Become comfortable in your own skin

Embrace of your inner exhibitionist

To establish a psychological baseline about your self-image are the following self-assessments. These of course should not be taken in lieu of actual physician’s advice. However these are helpful in gauging the nature of advice to seek, goals to set, etc. with a trained clinical professional.:

Headshots Baseline

Headshots – Baseline expression, plus three expressions at three angles. Choose from expressions reference. Street clothes.

Headshots add relatability and connection with audiences. While many think headshots are limited to people auditioning in Hollywood, its important to understand that media industries are international and decentralized such as South Korea, Bollywood, Nollywood and various Telenovela genres in Latin America. Additionally the headshot and production standards have proliferated not only into social media profiles but also innovative job market methods like video resumes. Quality and versatile headshots allow you to execute a variety of your most effective expressions and get to know your baseline. Often if you have the colloquially known poker face / RBF (resting b*tch face), its good to popularize a nice laughing or smiling image. While for fashion and erotica often a serious look is common, it isn’t always universal especially as even bodybuilders are expected to bear an electric grin for posing.

Example expressions practiced for baseline.

Physique Baseline

Physique – Baseline poses, plus three bodybuilding poses at three angles. Choose from bodybuilding reference. Oiled, posing strap, jock or nude.

The aesthetic appreciation of the body with roots in life modeling. Body types first include kinesiology spectrum of bone and muscle structures of mesomorphic, endomorphic and ectomorphic. Then physical conditioning crosses a variety of professional modeling genres from fitness to erotica which includes plus size, chub, samson, twink, lean, fitness, bear, otter, bodybuilder, average, etc. While fitness was glorified by the 50s pin-up industry into the steroid aesthetic of the 80s and 90s, society has entered a sustainable and diverse revolution for body positivity. This is a helpful development in the face of building challenges with psychiatric disabilities of anorexia, bulimia, bigorexia and other body dysmorphia disorders.

Example of poses for baseline.

Classic Muscle – Three poses from three angles. Choose three pinup poses. Oiled, posing in strap, jock or nude.

Get some fitness pointers via my training approaches below:



My weightlifting style incorporates ayurvedic flexibility techniques along with traditional weightlifting.

Advanced Boudoir & Avant Garde

Creative & Boudoir planning – Discusses poses, costume, toys, music, props, supplies, preparation and aftercare.

We assume all people have access to the sexuality of their own or negotiation of others be if flings, casual relationships or formal partners. We also assume that everyone has an easily distinguished physiology, gender and orientation. However these assumptions are a foundation for bias and bigotry. Some of the most egregious discrimination are in the largest communities, heteronormal community and the sexually able-bodied community. Often in heteronormative communities the assumption of strict reproductive sexuality is assumed while non-reproducing, single individuals are seen as wasting resources. Human value doesn’t decrease if someone is barren and such a stance is supported by the Childfree movement. Additionally, the able-bodied community often assumes that the disabled body is incapable of being attractive or even worth sexualization. One of the most problematic extremes is in the gay community in which ideas of “clean” persist regarding HIV and modern medical advances like Truvada/ PreP as well as undetectable status is often overlooked.

Sexuality is a human need like eating. And as we all have diverse origins, we all have unique conditions of attraction and interaction. Accordingly this means we have a variety of sexualities–including majorities and minorities. However we overlook minorities of sexuality who are often people with disabilities, minority intersex sexualities or from minority orientations.

In modeling and being talent we have to realize that our aesthetic delivers beauty, attraction and sometimes even opportunities of expression for people with less opportunity. And especially as models from those minority backgrounds, we serve as a spokesperson of body positivity and sex positivity to attest that our minority demographic also can be sexual, emotive and beautiful. As the only male, ethnic person with a disability, lgbtqia, non-cisgender, etc. model  available and present, you fight the biggest threat to diversity: Erasure.

Elements of Boudoir and Avant Garde modeling:

  • Mannerism – In modeling be it life modeling, fashion fit modeling, fitness, bodybuildng, or pin up, the stance, the posture, the look, etc. all convey certain emotional overtones. From crossed arms to a raised pinky, mannerism communicates.
  • Grooming and allure – There are a variety of styles from military buzzcuts, disco glam, gothic rock, rugged woodsman, punk rock, rebel, etc. styles. Each aesthetic has its own nuances, but equally interesting for anyone who chooses it.
  • Gender styling – Long misunderstood, gender was finally clarified by Judith Butler as a performative expression. While genders of masculine, feminine and neuter have played musical chairs over the years, all are exciting artistic rule to break and recreate in styles of clothing, colors, postures, etc.
  • Orientation and Sexuality – Described as a spectrum or ultimately as fluid, human beings are the only mammals on the planet (besides bonobo apes and dolphins) that also use sexuality performatively for social communication in addition to reproductive functions. With this performative quality it also fits into aesthetics and the performative gender hypothesis.
  • Fashion – Fashion also serves purposes beyond functionality. From body adornment to elaborate costuming, fashion communicates a variety of social statuses including gender, class, profession, culture, group-membership, etc.

Creative Careers

Resume – Resumes give a concise record of your career experience. Varieties include functional, chronological, federal chronological, combination and curriculum vitae. Although there are a variety of approaches to resume writing, the key mission of the resume is to document work history. The secondary function is as a conversation starter with a hiring manager. The very last function is to serve as a marketing device. As far as components, be sure your resume uses a neutral voice, presents a succinct professional profile, and a concise, statistical description of your performance.

  • Portfolio – For those in fashion, modeling, the arts, culinary, graphic design.
  • Reel – For those entering film, theatre, animation, performance.
  • Press kit – For singers, musicians, bands, etc.
  • Copyright – Legal ownership of printed and published works.
  • Licensing – Legal ownership of digital and media works.

Corporate, Independent & Professional Creative Careers Tracks

Creative professionals like any in any industry engage in a craft or practice. Whether you are an illustrator, journalist, musician, life model, bodybuilder or even an adult actor you have a basic set of work ethics and specialized skills with the SAME inherent value as a doctor, lawyer, scientist, officer, politician or even soldier. If its crosshatching, editorial, falsetto, contrapposto, classic physique or BDSM, you burn an comparable amount of calories, invested a comparable amount of time and developed a comparable amount of customer service skill and finesse to ensure the happiness of your customers and respect from peers in your field. However, in the economic of supply and demand, often in capitalist free markets, we’re all forced to negotiate our value. And often time this negotiation isn’t ensured by socialized structures like healthcare, insurance and education. This means many professionals risk having little financial cushion and can potentially lose a great deal when the bottom falls out.

Corporate CareerIndependent CareerProfessional Career
– Consistent workload.
– High visibility market recognition.
– Easy brand reputation piggybacking
– Creator owns all content
– Full creative license.
– High value retention
– High authoritative level for decision making.
– Duties focus on pure design, planning and policy.
– Major focus on cross-industry collaboration and advocacy.
– Company owns all rights to your content.
– Limited creative license.
– Consistent workload
– High customer service skills required.
– Frequent marketing responsibility
– Less project time
– Maximum communication required for both verbal and written, formal and informal reporting
– Higher administrative duty at the expense of creative opportunity.

Corporate Creative Work

In the negotiation of the value of both your service and products you produce is the biggest battle in the market. When you work as an agent of a company, you sell your agency and traditionally you sell your rights to the materials that you produce for the duration of the contract. This has been a mixed bag for many creatives for long time. Often the exchange is for full benefits and the reputation of the company brand is gained by the creative, but at the expense on a negotiated amount of work and rights to the material that’s produced. Many great musicians and comic book creators with less business savvy found themselves spending their entire careers with one company, later realizing they sacrificed the best of their efforts to a shareholder created entity. This business style is helpful for creatives new to business or trying to gain foothold in a particular market or just build recognition. However it certainly has a shelf life to be aware of.

Independent Creative Work

independent contracting requires not just talent and creativity, but also discipline, communication, tact and business savvy.

Sales and ecommerce solutions such as…

Conceptual properties like… Publishing and Copyrights, trademarking, patents, licensing agreements, etc

Talent management such as… Performance contracts, film waivers, adult verification, non disclosure agreement

Legal compliance like… production permits, cabaret licenses, records keeping statements, tax forms

General Audience Subscription ChannelsAdult Audience Subscription Channels

Deviant Art







Only Fans


Just for Fans



Professional Work & Advocacy

As your work capacity changes, the ultimate goal is to have built other certifications and degrees, published unit oriented products like videos, publications, etc, and then work as a consultant who shares knowledge, wisdom and guidance to upcoming professionals.

The following organizations, their certifications, memberships and training can elevate your value as model into being a spokesperson, lecturer, columnist or even academic candidate. Consider joining these for career longevity and contingency planning.

The Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification
The Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification (CRCC) is the world’s largest rehabilitation counseling organization dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with disabilities. CRCC sets the standard for competent delivery of quality rehabilitation counseling services through its nationally accredited and internationally recognized Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) certification program and serves all rehabilitation counseling professionals through the CRCC COMMUNITY.

Cosplay Is Not Consent. Org
MISSION STATEMENT: To empower fan convention costume enthusiasts (aka “cosplayers”) to SPEAK OUT against inappropriate social behavior of a sexual and/or stereotypical nature for themselves and fellow fans… cosplay is NOT consent!

Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE.)
This year millions of school children around the world will benefit from D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education), the highly acclaimed program that gives kids the skills they need to avoid involvement in drugs, gangs, and violence.

South Bay Youth Services (SBYS)
Established in 2019 to meet the increased demand for services for LGBTQ+ youth and families and to increase access to vital support and programs, the SBYC will offer gender identity groups, arts programs, social activities, tutoring and discussion groups. A therapist will also be available on site.

Comic Book Lega Kool Defense Fund

“Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the First Amendment rights of the comics medium.”

The Committee to Protect Journalists
The Committee to Protect Journalists is an independent, nonprofit organization that promotes press freedom worldwide. We defend the right of journalists to report the news safely and without fear of reprisal.

Screen Actors Guild & American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA)

“SAG-AFTRA represents approximately 160,000 actors, announcers, broadcast journalists, dancers, DJs, news writers, news editors, program hosts, puppeteers, recording artists, singers, stunt performers, voiceover artists and other media professionals.”

International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE)

“Founded in 1893, the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees represents workers in the entertainment industry. Our members work in all forms of live theater, motion picture and television production, trade shows and exhibitions, television broadcasting, and concerts as well as the equipment and construction shops that support all these areas of the entertainment industry.” —

Model Mayhem

“Model Mayhem is the #1 portfolio website for professional models and photographers. Create a profile, upload your photos and connect with other professionals.”

The Modeling Alliance

“The Model Alliance promotes fair treatment, equal opportunity, and sustainable practices in the fashion industry, from the runway to the factory floor.” —


“We work together to understand the problem, ignite public conversations, and develop innovative strategies that result in safe and welcoming environments for all. We believe that we all deserve to be who we are, wherever we are.” —

American Civil Liberties Union

“The ACLU’s mission remains realizing the promise of the Bill of Rights for all and expanding the reach of its guarantees. Beyond one person, party, or side — the ACLU dares to create a more perfect union.”

Electronic Frontiers Foundation

“The leading nonprofit defending digital privacy, free speech, and innovation.”

Pineapple Support

Pineapple Support Society is a free support and therapy service for all persons working in the online adult industry – no matter their gender, ethnic origin, social status, age or sexual preference. We have an ever growing team of sex-worker friendly, kink-aware therapists who offer face-to-face and online video therapy sessions. We operate 24/7, and we raise funds to help with the costs of professional coaching, counselling and therapy for those who need it.

Joe Kort, PhD. & Associates
Dr. Joe Kort is a leading expert on sex and relationships.  He specializes in Out-of-Control Sexual Behaviors (OCSB)/“sex addiction”Relationship Problems and Marital ConflictSex Therapy, and Sexual Identity Concerns, Depression, Anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  His practice is located in Royal Oak, Michigan but he welcomes clients from all over the Metro Detroit area. Dr. Kort is also available for long-distance coaching and consultation.

Justin LehMiller, PhD.
Dr. Justin Lehmiller is a social psychologist and Research Fellow at The Kinsey Institute. He runs the Sex and Psychology blog and podcast and is author of the popular book Tell Me What You Want: The Science of Sexual Desire and How It Can Help You Improve Your Sex Life.

The Association of Black Sexologists and Clinicians
The Association of Black Sexologists and Clinicians promotes the sexual health of individuals, couples, families, and communities by advocating for culturally sensitive research, informed clinical practice, and culturally sensitive educational curricula.  The organization seeks to foster ongoing dialogue in an effort to reduce and or prevent adverse sexual health outcomes.  As a welcoming and affirming organization, we advocate for sexual, racial, and gender equality.

Adult Performers Artists Guild

“The goal of the Adult Performers Artists Guild is to earn employee rights, set performer artist responsibilities, negotiate fair practices, and help performers provide themselves with a better future.” —

Free Speech Coalition

“The FSC represents the adult industry in legislative and regulatory processes, and educates the general population to alleviate common misconceptions, build bridges, advocate for our communities and their rights.”

International Entertainment Adult Union

“The I.E.A.U. is a non-profit labor organization approved by the Department of Labor since 2015. Currently, there are three registered subordinate bodies (chapters) under the I.E.A.U. with more to come.”

Kinsey Institute

“For more than 70 years, the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University has been the trusted source for scientific knowledge and research on critical issues in sexuality, gender, and reproduction.”

Somatic Sex Education Association

“The Mission of the SSEA is to offer public education, professional trainings and ongoing professional development in support of somatic sex education and sexological bodywork in Canada, the United States, and around the world.” —

Institute for the Study of Somatic Sex Education

“People are seeking sex educators who are willing to work with embodied practices that address trauma, support healing, and expand what is possible for them sexually. But they need to know that they can trust you! Our extensive training, professional associations, and clear guidelines for ethical practice make trust possible.” —

International Professional Surrogate Association

“IPSA supports a worldwide community of professionals in the field of surrogate partner therapy, which includes surrogate partners, therapists, and individuals in need of and supportive of surrogate partner therapy.”

SEEDS Educational Services, Inc.

SEEDS Educational Services, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that specializes in curriculum development, training, and speaking engagements regarding Social-Sexual services for people with developmental disabilities.”

Sex Coach U

“At Sex Coach U, we train sex positive individuals to transform their passions for sexuality and for helping others into a thriving and successful business as Certified Sex Coaches™.” —

The Association of Somatic & Integrative Sexologists (ASIS)

“Healthy sexual embodiment and sexual pleasure are our birthright. The Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists (ASIS) is dedicated to enhancing people’s lives through supporting individuals to achieve their full potential of sexual embodiment, building awareness about the profession of somatic sexology, and providing professional criteria for practitioners working in the field.” —

Movember: Men’s Health

My interest in male talent is largely motivated by the Movember campaign and its efforts to improve men’s health and create awareness of prostate cancer and other issues. Through my studio and art projects my aim is to contribute to the Movemebr Campaign each November by doing masculine inspired art events as well as connect others to my Movember campaign at . Accordingly, I’ve developed my own branding, Body Of Benin, for an uncensored exploration of male health and body topics, from my own African-American male perspective. Honoring our male health and unique masculine gender expression as a cohesive group is often a difficult accomplishment. As men we create a great deal conflict over the reinforcement of an array of demographic biases that we hold over ourselves and each other. And while the particular contemporary discussion of gender focuses heavily on female empowerment and correcting the ills of colonial patriarchy, the task of progressive male health is to be corrective, establishing an inclusive, restorative patriarchy.

For Men’s Talent development the Movember campaign is a great opportunity for ensuring good sportsmanship and care among men in the industry and in society to make healthier choices in mental, cognitive and physical health. The campaign is a move toward male body positivity, inclusive masculinity and patriarchal restorative justice. The Movember campaign is a way for us to rally around the most quintessential male things we do in a constructive and inclusive way.

Intersex Erasure

One of the worst human rights violations is the non-recognition of intersex people. Often derogatorily mislabeled as “hermaphrodite”, the mythology of non-binary sex assumes people are born male or female, or sometimes choose operation to become trans. However, this is a gross assumption that has led to discrimination, even at the medical, neonatal level. People who are intersex are born with natural variations but have been forced to survive invasive intersex genital mutilation (IGM) or social erasure. Ignorance of their existence may be a matter of fact, but forgetting that such diversity exists is a psychological genocide.

Human Trafficking & Sex Workers Rights Awareness

Often support exists elusively for women when we generally acknowledge lives taken advantage by exploitation and trafficking. We assume men are “undesirable” and are “marginal” and therefore insignificant number of cases of people who count as victims. However that is a myth and one of the biggest errors of the new SESTA/ FOSTA policies that have created erasure of sex worker voices, criminalization of sexuality professions and censorship of sex related content. But it must be acknowledge men survive (and overcome) predatory pimp and exploitative relationships. Young men, too, are forced to overcome the challenges of escape and transferring and developing skills for a decriminalized, autonomous existence.