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Movember: Men’s Health

My interest in male talent is largely motivated by the Movember campaign and its efforts to improve men’s health and create awareness of prostate cancer and other issues. Through my studio and art projects my aim is to contribute to the Movemebr Campaign each November by doing masculine inspired art events as well as connect others to my Movember campaign at . Accordingly, I’ve developed my own branding, Body Of Benin, for an uncensored exploration of male health and body topics, from my own African-American male perspective. Honoring our male health and unique masculine gender expression as a cohesive group is often a difficult accomplishment. As men we create a great deal conflict over the reinforcement of an array of demographic biases that we hold over ourselves and each other. And while the particular contemporary discussion of gender focuses heavily on female empowerment and correcting the ills of colonial patriarchy, the task of progressive male health is to be corrective, establishing an inclusive, restorative patriarchy.

For Men’s Talent development the Movember campaign is a great opportunity for ensuring good sportsmanship and care among men in the industry and in society to make healthier choices in mental, cognitive and physical health. The campaign is a move toward male body positivity, inclusive masculinity and patriarchal restorative justice. The Movember campaign is a way for us to rally around the most quintessential male things we do in a constructive and inclusive way.

Intersex Erasure

One of the worst human rights violations is the non-recognition of intersex people. Often derogatorily mislabeled as “hermaphrodite”, the mythology of non-binary sex assumes people are born male or female, or sometimes choose operation to become trans. However, this is a gross assumption that has led to discrimination, even at the medical, neonatal level. People who are intersex are born with natural variations but have been forced to survive invasive intersex genital mutilation (IGM) or social erasure. Ignorance of their existence may be a matter of fact, but forgetting that such diversity exists is a psychological genocide.

Human Trafficking & Sex Workers Rights Awareness

Often support exists elusively for women when we generally acknowledge lives taken advantage by exploitation and trafficking. We assume men are “undesirable” and are “marginal” and therefore insignificant number of cases of people who count as victims. However that is a myth and one of the biggest errors of the new SESTA/ FOSTA policies that have created erasure of sex worker voices, criminalization of sexuality professions and censorship of sex related content. But it must be acknowledge men survive (and overcome) predatory pimp and exploitative relationships. Young men, too, are forced to overcome the challenges of escape and transferring and developing skills for a decriminalized, autonomous existence.