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Portfolio Development

Headshots Baseline

Headshots – Baseline expression, plus three expressions at three angles. Choose from expressions reference. Street clothes.

Headshots add relatability and connection with audiences. While many think headshots are limited to people auditioning in Hollywood, its important to understand that media industries are international and decentralized such as South Korea, Bollywood, Nollywood and various Telenovela genres in Latin America. Additionally the headshot and production standards have proliferated not only into social media profiles but also innovative job market methods like video resumes. Quality and versatile headshots allow you to execute a variety of your most effective expressions and get to know your baseline. Often if you have the colloquially known poker face / RBF (resting b*tch face), its good to popularize a nice laughing or smiling image. While for fashion and erotica often a serious look is common, it isn’t always universal especially as even bodybuilders are expected to bear an electric grin for posing.

Example expressions practiced for baseline.

Physique Baseline

Physique – Baseline poses, plus three bodybuilding poses at three angles. Choose from bodybuilding reference. Oiled, posing strap, jock or nude.

The aesthetic appreciation of the body with roots in life modeling. Body types first include kinesiology spectrum of bone and muscle structures of mesomorphic, endomorphic and ectomorphic. Then physical conditioning crosses a variety of professional modeling genres from fitness to erotica which includes plus size, chub, samson, twink, lean, fitness, bear, otter, bodybuilder, average, etc. While fitness was glorified by the 50s pin-up industry into the steroid aesthetic of the 80s and 90s, society has entered a sustainable and diverse revolution for body positivity. This is a helpful development in the face of building challenges with psychiatric disabilities of anorexia, bulimia, bigorexia and other body dysmorphia disorders.

Example of poses for baseline.

Classic Muscle – Three poses from three angles. Choose three pinup poses. Oiled, posing in strap, jock or nude.

Get some fitness pointers via my training approaches below:



My weightlifting style incorporates ayurvedic flexibility techniques along with traditional weightlifting.

Advanced Boudoir & Avant Garde

Creative & Boudoir planning – Discusses poses, costume, toys, music, props, supplies, preparation and aftercare.

We assume all people have access to the sexuality of their own or negotiation of others be if flings, casual relationships or formal partners. We also assume that everyone has an easily distinguished physiology, gender and orientation. However these assumptions are a foundation for bias and bigotry. Some of the most egregious discrimination are in the largest communities, heteronormal community and the sexually able-bodied community. Often in heteronormative communities the assumption of strict reproductive sexuality is assumed while non-reproducing, single individuals are seen as wasting resources. Human value doesn’t decrease if someone is barren and such a stance is supported by the Childfree movement. Additionally, the able-bodied community often assumes that the disabled body is incapable of being attractive or even worth sexualization. One of the most problematic extremes is in the gay community in which ideas of “clean” persist regarding HIV and modern medical advances like Truvada/ PreP as well as undetectable status is often overlooked.

Sexuality is a human need like eating. And as we all have diverse origins, we all have unique conditions of attraction and interaction. Accordingly this means we have a variety of sexualities–including majorities and minorities. However we overlook minorities of sexuality who are often people with disabilities, minority intersex sexualities or from minority orientations.

In modeling and being talent we have to realize that our aesthetic delivers beauty, attraction and sometimes even opportunities of expression for people with less opportunity. And especially as models from those minority backgrounds, we serve as a spokesperson of body positivity and sex positivity to attest that our minority demographic also can be sexual, emotive and beautiful. As the only male, ethnic person with a disability, lgbtqia, non-cisgender, etc. model  available and present, you fight the biggest threat to diversity: Erasure.

Elements of Boudoir and Avant Garde modeling:

  • Mannerism – In modeling be it life modeling, fashion fit modeling, fitness, bodybuildng, or pin up, the stance, the posture, the look, etc. all convey certain emotional overtones. From crossed arms to a raised pinky, mannerism communicates.
  • Grooming and allure – There are a variety of styles from military buzzcuts, disco glam, gothic rock, rugged woodsman, punk rock, rebel, etc. styles. Each aesthetic has its own nuances, but equally interesting for anyone who chooses it.
  • Gender styling – Long misunderstood, gender was finally clarified by Judith Butler as a performative expression. While genders of masculine, feminine and neuter have played musical chairs over the years, all are exciting artistic rule to break and recreate in styles of clothing, colors, postures, etc.
  • Orientation and Sexuality – Described as a spectrum or ultimately as fluid, human beings are the only mammals on the planet (besides bonobo apes and dolphins) that also use sexuality performatively for social communication in addition to reproductive functions. With this performative quality it also fits into aesthetics and the performative gender hypothesis.
  • Fashion – Fashion also serves purposes beyond functionality. From body adornment to elaborate costuming, fashion communicates a variety of social statuses including gender, class, profession, culture, group-membership, etc.