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Gender Toxicity: Detoxifying Masculinity

The male image as any gendered image exists through art, drama and sexuality. However we are in an era in which cisgender traditions have culminated into crises in the public arena such as domestic violence, homophobia, misogyny and mass incidents of sexual terror such as groups like Incel. Through historically uninformed, pop culture driven imagery, manipulation by political ideology, and other mental health factors, gender expression for men has become increasingly narrow, confining and warped.

QABPROSERV holds the hypothesis that using art therapy such as photography, modeling and role play, men can be cognitively, psychiatrically, physically and sexually empowered and rehabilitated in the effect of reducing homophobia, sexist anti-female bias, sexual dysfunctions, body dysmorphia and general antisocial personality disorder related behaviors. Using conventional, boudoir, physique and Avant Garde film and photography to produce “process film and images” in which male clients can be guided by image counseling to transform themselves for surrogate viewers of their modeling work. This approach combines cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), appreciative inquiry and motivational interviewing to achieve holistic self-empowerment and realization of egalitarian sex and gender goals through the performance of visualizations.

This approach was presented for both the San Diego State University Sociology 2019 Praxis in Education Conference as well as at the 2019 Japan Black Studies Conference in Kyoto. This research underlies the approach to male imaging at QABPROSERV and the goal of helping men find pluralism is various degrees of their masculine expression in the ultimate goal of inclusive masculinity and detoxification of warped “man enough” ideologies.

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Anger Management Training:

Old Patriarchy/ Toxic MasculinityNew Patriarchy/ Inclusive Masculinity
Male body negativity: Penis negativity, circumcision, ableism, fat shaming, fag-shaming, anti-fem, etc.
Oppression of women: Women as property, child marriage, infanticide, dowry exchanges and genital mutilation.
Male Expendability: High risk jobs, war collateral, short life planning, lack of choice/ freedom..
Antisocial tendencies: Communication aversion, low emotional intelligence
Class Status Nepotism: Hierarchical stratification along racial, religious, sexual, gender, wealth, etc. and the reinforcing the valuation of lives and cultures accordingly.
Male body positivity: Penis positivity, intactivism, interdependence, body diversity, sexual fluidity, gender negotiation, etc.
Liberation of women: Women as equals, adult marriage, communal child-rearing, egalitarian civil unions and all-sex intactivism
Male Valorization: Low risk jobs, peace negotiation, full life stage planning, right to lifestyle choice/ freedoms.
Collaborative relationships: Communication orientation, high emotional intelligence.
Egalitarian status distribution: Egalitarian stratification that overlaps racial, sexual, gender, wealth, etc. and reinforcing the valuation of lives and cultures evenly.

Boylesque Performer Marvin “Pho King” Garcia, QABPRODERV.COM 2020

In my own approach I provide a person-centered perspective from being a model with barriers–a dark African-American skin male, masculine demeanor, artistic experience, Pacific Rim heritage, etc. I also share some of my own very unique and verifiable scientific understandings from my studies in psychology, sociology, fitness, counseling and more. I also have a unique gender studies approach that highlights Men’s Studies, female-empowering-masculinity and activism. Because my first peer-aged role model is my older sister, I feel it is my duty to stand against the problematic issues of the industry: models who are underage; the imposition of male aesthetic standards upon women; glass ceilings for performers; and incomplete and exploitative business models.

IFBB Professional Bodybuilder Nick Bustos, QABPROSERV.COM, Spring 2018

While there is still much stigma towards the black male body, homophobia, etc. it can be a powerful journey of self-realization and empowerment. The first modeling baseline I took was for a classmate’s art school portfolio. Although he held a powerful exhibition, I was still working through body image issues. Showing the pictures to friends upon my return, I got a negative response and threw away the prints. However these were important steps in realizing my acceptance and rehabilitation of my own image. Growing up and being called “dark” for my skin tone, or “spider-boy” for my leanness was a scarring i was unaware of until I took the time to look. Often times we misinterpret “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” to mean that beauty is relative when in fact that larger meaning is that beauty exists in the ability to behold something–anything! And from that first modeling experience I was actually able to see myself for who and what I was and begin my journey of appreciation.

NFL Los Angels Chargers Linebacker (#48) Alvin Scioneaux Jr., QABPROSERV.COM 2018

As “non-standard” looking men in a place like Southern California, we often have less opportunities due to the obsession with the Nordic looking blonde hair and bronze skin models that are in high demand. Opportunities for Black, Asian and Latino models can be fewer. In fact often when we are noticed or scouted, we take offense. But its not because we are ugly, but instead a conditioning that we’ve been bombarded with through unnatural images and messages that we are “exotic”. But truth be told, the Nordic image of Southern California is unnatural, created historically through eugenic sterilization of minorities for decades and a steady talent stream into Hollywood and the upper echelon. So while it is an established fact that the Abercrombie & Fitch look is nice, QABPROSERV is dedicated to helping spotlight the entire gamut of masculinities aesthetics (masculinities)