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Myriad Masculinities, Myriad Talents.

“With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”

–Voltaire… and Spider-Man!

Modeling–often both over-glorified and undervalued–is an integral part of our human experience be it in testing applications of experiments in science and empirical observation; understanding light and texture on form in the arts; role modeling to help people master interactive processes; or in performing a role for an artist, photography, voice acting, stage, fashion or marketing. In any case, modeling epitomizes our mastery of gender and sexual performance of roles in masculine, feminine, neuter, dominant, submissive, etc. And within each of those performances exists a broad range of expression in color, style, attitude and nuance. And most of all–unlike many institutions may lead us to believe–each gender expression carries incredible and equal power both inherently and relationally.

Although most only acknowledge modeling in passing, an detailed science is behind it all. One of our brain’s largest regions, the occipital lope, functions like a video card to help us display a constant amount of visual information from which we are able to emulate, learn and synthesize into our lifelong adaptations. Although the popularly known “Modeling Industry” focuses especially on commercial marketing, the birthplace has scientific origins as old as the Renaissance. Old masters like DaVinci and Donatello initiated some of the first scientific observations studying dissection, anatomy, life drawing, mood and even gender and its effects in capturing and communicating to their audience.

Profoundly, mastery of modeling allows us to epitomize professionalism which can often encompass a variety of things. While we generally imagine vocations like education, psychology, law and politics at the heart o professionalism, modeling allows us to tap the power psychology of the most glorified fields of entertainment, spots, military, etc. Through building confidence and self-efficacy, we expand our capacity for vital skills such as customer service, initiative and well crafted intentional appearance to leave a lasting impression.