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Tag: masculinity

  • MEME: Jock Rules

    MEME: Jock Rules

    We all are invested to some degree with our health wether that be physical, emotional or cerebral. For those trying to keep up with their physical health, here’s a helpful series of rules that can reduce messy gyms, dirty lockers and invasive homophobic thoughts. Let’s stay body positive and embrace our physical human experience as…

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  • Men’s Rehabilitation Therapy Thesis

    Men’s Rehabilitation Therapy Thesis

    Men’s Rehabilitation Therapy Thesis We’ve come into a dynamic and challenging era in the new age of Gender in the United States. As sexual equity has increased, creating more egalitarian opportunities for both men and women. The challenges of sexual fluidity, the marginalized intersex community and the cohesive definition of gender remain as frontiers to…

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  • Ableism in Sex and Gender

    Ableism in Sex and Gender

    ABSTRACT In sexual politics, men and women have often excessively relied upon gender–a social construct of mannerist aesthetics generally composed of a spectrum spanning from masculinity, neutrality and femininity–to define human capacities, social privileges and stigmas, and even physical ability at a sexual physiological level beyond those physiologically systemic such as chromosome and maturation. The…

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