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  • MEME: Jock Rules

    MEME: Jock Rules

    We all are invested to some degree with our health wether that be physical, emotional or cerebral. For those trying to keep up with their physical health, here’s a helpful series of rules that can reduce messy gyms, dirty lockers and invasive homophobic thoughts. Let’s stay body positive and embrace our physical human experience as…

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  • Men’s Rehabilitation Therapy Thesis

    Men’s Rehabilitation Therapy Thesis

    Men’s Rehabilitation Therapy Thesis We’ve come into a dynamic and challenging era in the new age of Gender in the United States. As sexual equity has increased, creating more egalitarian opportunities for both men and women. The challenges of sexual fluidity, the marginalized intersex community and the cohesive definition of gender remain as frontiers to…

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  • Qamarisms: Selected Tweets

    Qamarisms: Selected Tweets

    Confidence roots in shamelessness. Imperviousness to embarrassment constitutes immovable pride. –QABradford 2014-02-15 07:00:07 Our most debilitating fear is being seen for who and what we aren’t. Inevitably we become less. 2014-02-07 16:08:26 Our most debilitating fear is being seen for who and what we aren’t. 2014-02-07 16:07:13 The tools we create are innocuous in themselves.…

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  • The Art of Photocounseling

    The Art of Photocounseling

    A CBT Approach to Photography When we participate in photographing and being photographed we are also engaging in mirror-gazing, but in a positive and prolonged fashion. Artistic figure modeling allows us to understand the plastic nature of our bodies and how we have enough power over our aesthetic to affect all the formal artistic principles…

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  • Spiritual Aesthetics: Gekkyoudou

    Spiritual Aesthetics: Gekkyoudou

    Samadhiraja Sutra The Moon Lamp Sutra (三摩地王经): “There are, O monks, these three feelings: pleasant feelings, painful feelings, and neither-painful-nor-pleasant feelings.” A disciple of the Buddha, mindful, clearly comprehending, with his mind collected, he knows the feelings [1] and their origin, [2] knows whereby they cease [3] and knows the path that to the ending…

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  • ON SALE NOW: Sunday Morning Coffee with IFBB Pro Nicholas Bustos

    ON SALE NOW: Sunday Morning Coffee with IFBB Pro Nicholas Bustos

    An exclusive collection of Sunday morning boudoir photography with Nicholas Bustos after earning his IFBB Professional card during the summer of 2018. Sunday Morning Coffee with IFBB Pro Nicholas Bustos By Qamar A. Bradford

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  • Virtual Rehabilitation

    Virtual Rehabilitation

    ABSTRACT The Department of Rehabilitation handles large numbers when it comes to processing cases of disability for employment. When it comes to caseworkers’ loads, cognitive disabilities dominate–mental health disorders, learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, traumatic brain injury, PTSD and others. Using the power of technology of virtual reality, augmented reality and simulation engines, the…

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  • Dysmorphia and Disability

    Dysmorphia and Disability

    ABSTRACT This paper explores the relationship of identity on disability and employment. Age, race, congenital development and acquisition affect aspects of an individual’s self-image, esteem, efficacy and identity in relationship to their diagnosis and interaction with their social and physical environment. The paper will initially explore the definitions of self image and self-concept and then…

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  • X-Men as Vocational Rehabilitaiton Archetype

    X-Men as Vocational Rehabilitaiton Archetype

    Marvel’s X-Men: A Literary Archetype for the VR Counseling Field ABSTRACT In the 1960s, Stan Lee and Marvel Comics premiered X-Men. The book was an enthralling narrative of people born with congenital or genetic characteristics that made them different from the rest of society at large. These differences–sometimes extraordinary powers, sometimes extraordinary disabilities were accordingly…

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  • Qamarism: An African-Centered Counseling Approach

    Qamarism: An African-Centered Counseling Approach

      ABSTRACT Coming from a house of counseling parents, I grew up acclimated to an environment of helping, consideration and introspection. As I have experienced the curriculum regarding the theory and practice of counseling and psychotherapy as posited in Gerald Corey’s text, I’ve realized that the various counseling approaches to which my parents exposed were…

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